3_come on if you're comin' _blue rhythm boysBlue Rhythm Boys “Monday Morning Blues”, Big L Records. “Come on If You’re Comin'”. 2010. Tom Mitchell, Jim Stephanson, Vince McCool, John Previti, Kevin Wimmer, Ralph Gordon, Mark Schatz and Dave Geigerich. This recording earned a Wammie Award in the Big Band / Swing category from the Washington Area Music Association. Hear it/Buy it

3_monday morning blues_tom mitchellBlue Rhythm Boys “Monday Morning Blues”, Big L Records. Tom Mitchell, Jim Stephanson, Ralph Gordon, Phil Wiggins, Kevin Wimmer, Vince McCool and Brooks Tegler.  Contact Tom


3_brb-liveBlue Rhythm Boys “Live in Berkeley Springs” . Tom Mitchell, Jim Stephanson, Vince McCool, Ralph Gordon. Contact Tom



3_if dreams come true_ann savoy_tom mitchell

Ann Savoy & Her Sleepless Knights “Black Coffee”.  Memphis International Records. Ann Savoy, Tom Mitchell, Kevin Wimmer and Chas Justus, Eric Frey & Glen Fields.  Hear it/Buy it


3_black-coffee_ann-savoy_tom-mitchell-150x131Ann Savoy & Her Sleepless Knights “If Dreams Come True”.  Memphis International Records.  Ann Savoy, Tom Mitchell, Kevin Wimmer, Joel Savoy, Chas Justus, Eric Frey & Glen Fields and Wilson Savoy.  Hear it /Buy it


3_beatin-the-heat_dan hicks_tom mitchellDan Hicks and the Hot Licks. “Beatin’ The Heat”. Surfdog Records. USA Today called this record “one of the blessings of the new millennium”. Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks and lots of guest artists including Sid Page, Kevin Smith, Gregg Bissonette, Brian Setzer, Rickie Lee Jones, Bette Middler, Elvis Costello and Tom Waits. Hear it/Buy it


3_alive-and-lickin_dan hicks_tom mitchell

Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks “Alive & Lickin”. Surf Dog Records. 2001. Live recording from Iron Horse Saloon, North Hampton Massachusetts. Dan Hicks, Susan Rabin, Annabelle Cruz,Brian Godchaux, Tom Mitchell and Steve Alcott. Hear it/Buy it


3_ben redwine _tom mitchell_john previti

Ben Redwine Trio. “Baby Won’t You Please Come Home”. Mapleshade Records. Ben Redwine, Clarinet. Tom Mitchell, Guitar. John Previti, Bass. Hear it/Buy it



3_doublescotch_kevin wimmer_tom mitchellDouble Scotch. “Double Scotch”. Tom Mitchell & Kevin Wimmer with Ralph Gordon, John Previti, Brooks Tegler, Robert Redd. Contact Tom



3_capital-combination_brooks tegler_tom mitchellBrooks Tegler’s Capital Combination. “It’s Been So Long”, 2004. Won the 2004 Wammie for “Best Recording, Big Band/Swing” from the Washington Area Music Association. Hear it/Buy it


3_peter rowan _tom mitchellThe Rowan Brothers. “Crazy People”. 2002.  Tom playing the banjo on this.  He got involved in this project via his great musical friend, Dave Grant.



3_bubbalon by bass_tom mitchell“Bubbalon By Bass. Adventures in Entropy” . The incomparable Dave Grant with Peter Rowan, Tim O’Brien, Robin and Linda Williams, David Nelson, Bill Kirchen, Tony Trischka, Michael Doucet, Matt Glaser, Barry Mitterhoff James Leva , Al Tharp, Tom Mitchell and Dirk Powell. Hear it/Buy it


3_Ann Mayo Muir_tom mitchellAnn Mayo Muir & Ensemble Galilei.
A really fun project with some of Tom’s favorite people. Hear it/Buy it



3_big-nite-outBig Nite Out.1992. Wendi Bourne, Lauren Bono, Annie Blood-Patterson, Troy Corley, Dave Grant, Pete Barrus and Tom Mitchell.



3_american motelAmericana Hotel. Various Artists. 2001. With The Hula Monsters and lots of great DC area bands like Last Train Home, Bill Kirchen, Kevin Johnson and The Linemen and The Kennedys.  Hear it/Buy it