Come study & play at Music Camp this summer.

photo: Stewart Dean

If you’ve never been to an adult or family Summer Music Camp, check out the links below.  The camps offer a unique opportunity to study with great, professional musicians in small, curated weeklong classes. In the evenings, lifelong friendships are forged while dancing and playing music under the stars.

Kevin Wimmer_Tom Mitchell

In the summer of 2017, Tom can be found teaching at two fun musical Summer Camps.  In June he’ll be at Jay Ungar & Molly Mason’s fabled Ashokan Western & Swing Camp.  He is excited to teach with his old bandmate, Kevin Wimmer (violin) and many world-class musicians including Paul Anastasio, Larry Baione and the Sweetback Sisters .  Visit the links to see the beautiful campus and to learn more.  Ashokan Camps are particularly suited for families as there is plenty of fun (canoeing, dancing, hiking, all kinds of classes) for everyone.

10372872_10204361098728238_7199240510128900520_oIn July Tom will head out to teach at Augusta Heritage Center’s Blues & Swing Week  in West Virginia. Here, folks will spend a week learning from him and lots of great teachers and players including Dave Davies, Phil Wiggins, Del Ray, Miss Tess and Eleanor Ellis.